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Vision and Mission

Tomorrow Starts Now



Being in the field of education for the past 28 years, it has been ‘The Vivekalaya Group of Institutions’ founding principle to provide holistic education and prepare our children for the new dawn of opportunities. Our resounding ideology has been to give our youth an education that prompts them to be an individual who is liberated, confident, and importantly well-grounded. We also ensure new world ideas and instill respect in our children for our rich cultural heritage. Supported by a wonderful group of teaching professionals, at The Vivekalaya Group, we school for a good heart above all else. A child-centric learning approach has been our principal belief, which has been the origin of the many streams and the composite curriculum that we follow.


New Age Schooling - The joy of learning


As time changes, so do the challenges and opportunities our students must face. Today our interests conflict- between the pressures to survive in the fast-moving world and our yearning for a simple childhood. 

Prakriya International prepares its students to balance between both, to achieve their dreams and satisfy their expectations. 

While the Cambridge international curriculum provides exposure to an international standard of learning, we have consciously remained true to our values and purpose in education. This syllabus provides support in our vision for schooling by its depth and real-world application. 

In our continued effort to provide a world-class learning environment, Prakriya has strived to add and introduce various learning opportunities to its students through various programs it offers. 

Prakriya is our vision for the future of education.

Prakriya International School


138, NatarajaThevar colony,
Trichy Road, Ramanathapuram,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641045

+91 9940973399

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