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As educators, we strive to create learning environments where all students feel welcome and included as equals with their peers. Here at Prakriya, creating an inclusive learning environment is an integral part of the learning process. Creating a course design and learning process that acknowledge the fact that "all are equal participants in the journey of education"  has made this institution unique. Creating a pathway that has proved to be successful in all strata of learning has been evident in our learner’s success in their Board Examinations.The emergence of this pandemic has created new challenges and ways to further develop inclusive learning. We, at Prakriya, believe that providing 'exibility and control to the students over their learning by offering the necessary tools and accessibility would enhance effective education. Such considerations are particularly important in online education, where our students may come from adverse learning environment. Our School has created a platform where learners build community and trust and equitable learning. 

Ms. Shylaja

Exams Officer


Our students have achieved the dream goal that they had each fixed for themselves.
It has been their hard work and determination which has yielded these results. Focus, passion, ability, concentration, and effort were the combined attributes that helped them achieve this.  We, the teachers, have been imparting and guiding them to our utmost abilities and it was our students who rose to the occasion. They truly deserve our appreciation and congratulations. It is needless to mention that our school management and the Principal have been the strong pillars in helping the students and the institution in securing such excellent results.

Ms. Sujatha

Senior Faculty

Department of mathematics


Year 2020 results added another golden feather to the cap of our institution. Creating a constructive environment for learning, a pragmatic approach to teaching and fostering positive attitudes in students has helped us acheive our goals. As facilitators we will continue to provide guidance and support our students to rise and meet challenges

Ms. Sandhya Viswamohan

Head of Department - English

Prakriya International School


138, NatarajaThevar colony,
Trichy Road, Ramanathapuram,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641045

+91 9940973399

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